The energy sector is challenged today by so many diverse factors such as strict regulations and their enforcement, strategic shifts from competitors, increased price volatility and various other challenges that run above a company’s power to adapt rapidly and efficiently. Having a low-risk, sustainable business plan tailored on your capabilities could deliver sustainable growth.


The insurance industry has come a long way into serving clients from all demographics. But how can insurance companies keep up with such rapid-changing needs and expectations? Using analytics and strategy can improve performance, but to thrive in such fast-changing environment, you have to understand consumer behaviors and to build an innovative business model.

Public Sector

Artificial Intelligence, collaborative robots and machine learning seem so far from the public sector right now. Why is it that the public sector is taking so long to adapt to digitalization? Aged workforce and lack of incentives keep our government institutions performance to average. Leveraging existing learnings from the private sector could change the image of the public sector into a social and economic gamechanger. The willingness to adapt could easily create impact in the social perception as well, as if the underperforming image of some public institutions would to change, they would attract younger, better-prepared talent to the public sector scene.


Healthcare providers should be competitive regarding cost. But in today’s market, the price is no longer the primary factor in decision-making. Innovation, relationship building and delivering better services at lower costs seem to be the perfect ratio when comes to satisfying consumer expectations. Technology advance and tools along with the big financial focus on the healthcare industry could bring your company the agility to become more strategically positioned on the market.

Marketing & Sales

Digitalisation completely transformed marketing. Among many other, we have the Internet, apps, technology and social media that decide the faith of a campaign, product or service with a single click nowadays. Successful campaigns on Instagram with the lower of costs vs. a big, international campaign that cost millions, the impact could be the same. How can this be? Strategy and multi-layered amount of data are a business imperative that decides how content is consumed and perceived. We are here to help you unlock your strategic creativity in a low-risk, high return business plan.


Retailers have always been the rebels of the market. Change won’t scare them away, as shifts in consumer behaviors are nothing new in this industry. In this particular business, there is one golden ratio: how change affects the business, how much can they innovate and how can they use analytics to translate numbers into strategic actions? Most of the retailers rejoice of significant amounts of data, yet still, there are a lot of executives that cannot fully understand their customers. Our team is here to help you build a more customer-centric approach tailored to your understandings.

Information Technology

A company’s use of technology should be to facilitate the implementation of business goals and be a tool of support in reflecting the company’s strategic core. New-generation software increase a company’s capabilities and leadership should focus on being up-to-date to create operational results.

Media & Entertainment

Unlocking growth in a digital environment within a highly competitive industry is challenging. Technology era isn’t the enemy, as it brings along powerful tools such as advanced analytics and multi-structured amounts of data. Media& Entertainment companies had grown so much that they started to surpass borders between industries. Whether is diversifying your agenda, introducing new channels, being innovative in your offering and many others, our team is here to highlight new opportunities for your business.

Social Needs

Society has embraced political correctness and tolerance today more than any other time in the past, which in this case translates to a need for social education. Adding inclusivity in your operations could bring your company a competitive advantage that could transform into growth. Employees productivity and motivation levels are decisional factors in your company overall performance. A more inclusive, supportive environment could easily attract highly educated talent that resonates more with such concepts. Our team is here to help you identify a theme in which to be actively involved to meet the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations.


Infrastructure is one of the industries that could benefit from digitalization. Transforming the cost structure and improving operations leads to better operational performance and increased profitability. How fast and cost-effective can you deliver projects compared to your competitors? Our team uses new technological tools that reveal practical steps to improve profitability and drive growth.

Oil & Gas

Sustained low prices, geopolitical and regulatory challenges created a chain reaction in investments and development opportunities. Strategically positioning your capital, so it has a quantifiable result of profitability, by driving actual margin increase could differentiate your company from your competitors. Our team can help you assess the market opportunities and develop an innovative scheme to reduce costs, generate new technological skills, acquire the adequate workforce and explore market alternatives.

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics could be one of the most dynamic industries. Volatile fuel costs, the need to constantly improve pricing schemes and tight schedules are just a few of the challenges that companies tackle every day. Transformation is a business imperative alongside a customer-centric approach that reveals valuable understandings. With the rapid growth of social media and e-commerce, the market is finally working in the companies’ favor, helping them assess better their position and deliver strategic capabilities.